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Joint Pain Treatment

Our Treatment List

Movement and exercise are typically recommended by physiotherapists to help improve mobility and function. 


Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurorehabilitation necessitates specialized knowledge and manual skills that promote NORMAL movement patterns. Michelle Van Dyk treats such patients with intensive neurorehabilitation. Our passion is to provide our clients with tactile cues that retrain their brain to control their affected extremities much like they did before their injury. We believe that in order for you to resume living the life you desire, you must retrain your body to function as it did prior to your injury. Because you will not have to unlearn bad habits, you may spend less time in therapy. The goal is for each patient to achieve the highest level of functional independence possible while improving physical abilities, reducing symptoms and compensating for any impairments through the use of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and other interventions.



Physiotherapy is one of the most effective headache and migraine treatments. Headache occurs when pain is referred from your neck structures as a result of damage caused by prolonged use, poor posture, or traumatic injury.


Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that treats people of all ages who have pain, injury, or illness in their musculoskeletal system. Sports rehabilitation, through the use of exercise, movement, and therapeutic interventions, helps you maintain your health and fitness while also recovering from injury and reducing pain.


Back And Neck Conditions

Back and neck pain can be effectively treated with physiotherapy. These therapies' goals and expected benefits include pain and stiffness reduction. Your physiotherapist will assist in treating pain in the affected area and accelerate the healing process by using passive therapies such as manual therapy.


Post Operative Rehabilitation

Sprains, strains, fractures, breaks, and dislocations can come from something as basic as not lifting an object properly to not warming up properly before starting a foot race. And even basic injuries can be bad enough to need surgery to repair properly. If you get an injury that requires surgery, the process of recovery can vary depending on your injury.

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