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Movember & Physiotherapy In South Africa

In South Africa, the Movember Foundation has been active, financing over 1,200 men's health projects and focusing on mental health awareness 1 2 . This effort is significant for the country since it tries to alleviate men's reluctance to access health care 3. Furthermore, the South African healthcare system confronts issues, such as physiotherapists practising mostly at the secondary and tertiary levels of care and a shortage of these experts 4. Integrating physiotherapists into primary care is one approach being examined to solve these issues 5.

What Function Does Physiotherapy Play In Men's Health In South Africa?

In South Africa, the significance of physiotherapy in men's health is becoming more recognised, with an emphasis on integrating physiotherapists into basic health care 1. Physiotherapists are essential in a variety of professions, including orthopaedics, neurology, sports medicine, and general rehabilitation 2.

Physiotherapy is rapidly becoming seen as a crucial component of men's health, particularly in areas such as pelvic floor health 3. The South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP) is the country's official representative professional association of physiotherapists, and it actively participates in the creation and implementation of health care policy 4.

Furthermore, programmes launched by the Mens Foundation, such as Movember South Africa, are concentrating on mental health, which is an important element of men's overall well-being 5. This demonstrates the country's rising awareness of men's health issues, as well as the potential for physiotherapy to play a substantial role in resolving these concerns.


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