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Struggling With Back & Neck Pain?

Workability has developed a best practice rehabilitation program used by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and doctors. This program helps you take control of your pain and your activities so that you can get back to your life. We call it
BNAP – the Back And Neck Assistance Program.

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What is BNAP?

BNAP is an early intervention, functional rehabilitation program driven by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and doctors. The goal of the program is to improve your pain and normalize function so that you can get back to Work and Life. All BNAP therapists and doctors are trained and accredited by Workability to assess and treat your back and neck condition.

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How much does it cost?

If your medical aid has a contract with Workability and you are authorised for the program, then the BNAP program will not cost you anything as the full cost of BNAP is covered
by your medical aid and is not taken from your medical aid savings account (T&C apply).

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Back and Neck pain is common, but pain that is present on most days for more than 3 months starts disabling you for work and life. And the longer the condition continues, the greater the chances of disability. Patients often undergo investigations such as multiple X-rays and MRI’s, along with doctors’ and specialists ‘appointments that can often end in surgery. Yet the disability and repeat surgery on South Africa is about 4 times higher than international statistics. Much of this can often be avoided by an early intervention program like the Workability’s BNAP program.

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What benefits should expect?

You will receive a comprehensive initial assessment by a physiotherapist, a doctor and, if necessary, an occupational therapist. As part of the treatment, the therapist will
tailor a personalised treatment plan that includes structured exercises and a home routine.You will receive pain management strategies. Indlela, your Workability patient app, gives you direct access to your rehab team, tele-health, a health library, your exercises program and empowers you to navigate your way Back to Work and Life.

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